More than 80 people from 20 countries participate in the event of support for refugees that took place last Wednesday in Granada

The public event that took place last Wednesday at the Plaza del Carmen in Granada, was arranged by the Euroarab Foundation to present the exhibition of the Libyan artist Matug Aborawi. The event got many collaborators, among them, the project SISUMMA. The exhibition of Matug Aborawi can be visited at the Euroarab Foundation until the 31st January

A mosaic of voices from 20 countries to support refugees

The common point of this event were the messages against war and to support refugees around the world. This messages could be seen at the public event that took place in Granada on Wednesday, where more than 80 people participated. NGOs, artists, activists, musicians, journalists and students participated from Granada and introduced every message recorded and sent from 20 different countries.

The event, which could be followed through the Euroarab Foundation’s Youtube cannel, counted on the participation of several artists,, such as Manu Chao, who composed a song dedicated to the event with his band Ti.Po.Ta. called “Do you hear me calling”. From Granada, other musicians also participated, like the flamenco singer Juan Pinilla, the Moroccan musician Abdellah Ghailand and the British trumpet player David Defreis.

Visual artists also joined this event, and so there were greetings from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tripoli (Libya) and from the University of Athens. The students from the Department of Drawing II of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Granada and the students of Scenic Arts of the High School Severo Ochoa also participated in the event. Also, representants of NGOs and journalists of Granada presented the messages recorded and sent from other countries.

This project and the exhibition of Matug Aborawi has the goal to inform and raise awareness about the about the reality of refugees and inmigrants, and the “suicidal” journey that they make and takes sometimes years, to reach safety from the conflicts that devastate their regions.