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Details on the implemented project: SISUMMA

After a year and a half of successful implementation, SISUMMA project has come to an end.  SISUMMA (Social Initiative of Support to Minorities through Mediactivism) […]

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Videos: Mediactivism in Petit Philosophy

Petit Philosophy (Mala Filozofija) created a series of videos in the framework of SISUMMA project, about mediactivism and minorities. You can watch them here:

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Videos: Digital literacy workshops

Within the framework of the training workshops of SISUMMA “Digital literacy workshops” and practical workshops on “Audiovisual tools and video creation”, carried out between April […]

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Here we have the practical part of the workshops: 3-7 minutes’ video clips on the topics of migration and refugees.

  • Students presented their video clips on migration and refugees in Europe and in Estonia


As a final assignment for the seminars organized by our partner in Estonia Peipsi CTC, students submitted their own work: 3-7 minutes' video clips on the topics of migration and refugees.
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Human Rights Day

This year, Human Rights Day calls on everyone to stand up for someone’s rights! Disrespect for basic human rights continues to be wide-spread in all […]

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Black Leftists Badger Farage; You’re Racist! 6-7-2016

Black females – Tola Jaiyeola and Imriel Morgan – harangue UKIP’s Nigel Farage at ITV’s forum for a quasi-debate over the leave/remain campaigns regarding the […]

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Cécile Kyenge MEP on Afrophobia in Europe

Cécile Kyenge, Member of the European Parliament, gives her impressions on racism against Black people in Europe and what should be done to address it. […]

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Bonjour Ji | A Canadian Short Film

Short film “Bonjour Ji” has been winning awards at several film festivals around North America. However, collectively, as a team, we felt it was more […]

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Syrian Children – Refugee Camp Niroz | UNICEF

To mark International Youth Day, 2014, IOM has produced a short film, titled ‘Letter from a Refugee’. The film features moving, honest interviews with a […]

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Astoria | YV Short Film

Written and directed by Paul Mason, former Economics Editor of Channel 4 News and BBC’s Newsnight, Astoria follows a Syrian refugee’s journey to the West. […]

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How does racist crime impact victims? What challenges do they face when they want to do something about it? Watch and share this video! With […]

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Schwarzfahrer (German Short Film About Racism) Oscar Winner 1992 – (BULBUL Ki Pasand)

Schwarzfahrer (The Person Who Travell Without Valid Ticket).
(German Short Film About Racism) Oscar Winner 1992.


RACISM KILLS – Islamic Short Film – Bayyinah Institute

One of the forms of injustices the Quran highlights is mistreatment based on race, color, and ethnicity. Racist sentiments not only affect the spiritual well-being […]

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Renee Hattar is Head of International Studies at the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies and PhD in Social Sciences (Peace Studies- Music and Peace) from […]

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SISUMMA´s Partners presents itselves and their companies

Here we have a presentation of each partner and the leader of the project SISUMMA:

The Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (FUNDEA), SÜDWIND, Association Mala Filozofija (Petit Philosophy), The Peipsi […]

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Arzu Merali at FUNDEA´s International Conference in Spain

Arzu Merali, activist and co-founder of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) based in the UK came to Granada to participate in the International Conference […]

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Pedro Rojo: “El cómic árabe para adultos tiene gran calidad”

Pedro Rojo, comisario de la exposición “Cálamos y Viñetas”, explica la cantidad y calidad de los artistas gráficos árabes, que han situado como referente mundial […]

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Olivia Orozco nos acerca a la exposición “Cálamos y viñetas. Cómic árabe en movimiento”

La coordinadora de Formación y Economía de Casa Árabe describe la exposición ‘Cálamos y Viñetas. Cómic árabe en movimiento”, organizada por Fundación Euroárabe y Casa […]

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Cuentacuentos para acercarse al mundo musulmán

El polifacético artista Luis Britos Contonente ofreció un cuentacuentos con el que concluyó el ciclo “Con-textos árabo musulmanes. Discursos y contra-narrativas a la islamofobia” que […]

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In these workshops young students in secondary schools in Granada incorporate musical instruments from different parts of the world into subjects like Geography and History. […]

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5 Ways to Disrupt Racism

This short film from VideoRev offers 5 practical ways you can help combat racism.

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#ElTatuajeQueMasDuele (The Most Painful Tattoo)

Video from the campaing #ElTatuajeQueMasDuele by Fundación Secretariado Gitano, Spanish foundation that promotes Roma social inclusion.