The aim of this activity was to introduce the concept of the open society – and its benefits for all, majority and different minorities living in Slovak Republic. The focus was on attracting young people to the concept, rising awareness of participants about possibilities and responsibilities of young creatives in advertising industry. Creative business communicates a lot towards young people. Fair and inclusive communication of NGOs and brands help in raising awareness of young people towards more inclusive societies. The session elaborated on how to attract and pivot young people though engaging creativity. The Kick – off introduction was to all participating in the Young Lions contests in six different categories. There were 81 people present at the event. Out of them 63 followed the kick-off and prepared proposal for the competition. Audience present was made largely of young creatives. We have directed their attention towards resources where they can find more information on open society. We have also debated the tone of voice of communication with young people – style of messaging and recommended inclusive, positive messages.