“The Most Painful Tattoo” is prejudice.
This is a campaign of a Spanish Foundation called Fundación Secretariado Gitano that promotes Roma social inclusion. In November they celebrated the International Day of Tolerance raising awareness about discrimination and stigmatization they suffer on everyday life.

They used social media, specially Twitter,  while a young Roma woman was tattoed the sentence “I am Roma and untrustworthy” in Madrid, and managed to mobilize 25 million people in solidarity with her via Twitter and Facebook from Spain and abroad. You can find out more about this campaign here

The Special Eurobarometer on Discrimination 2015 confirmed a vigorous rejection of the Roma community by European society. And sadly, based on data complied by FSG in 2015, Roma women fall victim to discrimination more often than men, entailing double discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity and gender. 

In its most recent report on Discrimination and the Roma Community, FSG found that antigypsysm is a particular form of racism endured historically by Roma people, and translates into discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes.

From SISUMMA we want to talk about this. Do you think the situation of Roma people is the same all over Europe?

How do you think the use of new technologies can empower Roma communities and give them a voice? Do you think this campaign is a good example of it?

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