Muslim women are more likely to be victims of hate crime and speech than Muslim men, especially if they wear a headscarf. A revealing called “Forgotten women: the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women” was carried out by ENAR (European Network Against Racism) in 8 European countries to document the disproportionate effect of Islamophobia on women.

A violence not so well identify by anti-racism and feminist movements, when we just celebrated the International Day for the Elimination Of Violence Against Women.

After terrotist attacks, Islamophobic violence spred across Europe and figures show that this type of violence is on the rise.

Islamophobia became a gender issue, according to a project called Mezquita de Mujeres, for two main reasons: firstly, the Islamophobic discourse exploits the image of Muslim women portraying them as the eternal victim; secondly, they are an accessible target, very easy to identify due to their headscarves and hijabs.

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