Seminar for policy makers “Minorities and Media in Republic of Croatia” was organized in zone of Peaceful Reintegration of Eastern Slavonia in small town Dalj. Most of participants were current and former mayors of towns and villages in Eastern Slavonia, which belong to the Serbian minority. This was agenda of Seminar:

10: 00-10: 10 Bruno Ćurko (Petit Philosophy) “About the SISUMMA project”

10: 10-11: 00 Tamara Opacic (Serbian National Council) “Media on Minorities, Minorities on Media: Perceptions of Serbian Minorities in Croatian Media”

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break

11: 30-12: 30 Roundtable “Minorities and the Media in the Republic of Croatia – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” (Moderators: Zoran Kojčić, MA& Bruno Ćurko, Ph.D., Petit Philosophy).

12: 30-12: 45 Evaluation of seminar (Zoran Kojčić, MA)

13:00 Lunch for all participants of the seminar

All participants of seminar were current and former policy makers from Serbian minority.  In round table they come out with problems how media shows Serbian minority in Croatia. Also, there were media representatives and after the seminar in special radio show on Croatian Radio Radio Osijek, Zoran Kojčić (Petit Philosophy) talks about the seminar.