Date: May 8, 9 and 10, 2017
Time: Monday and Tuesday from 5pm to 9pm; Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm
Teaching hours: 10 hours


Immigration, Islam and citizenship in Europe: achievements and problems.
Cultural identity and globalization in Europe: national citizenship and world citizenship.
The “Other” and the construction of national identity in Europe.
Teacher: Johanna Buisson , Mohammed VI University, Rabat (Morocco).
Topics: The challenge of European identity in the face of migratory waves, dichotomy or duality in some European countries.

Registration for seminars

Price: 35 euros all seminars (5 seminars), 10 euros each seminar
Number of places: 15
Registration: Mandatory for the full Seminar series until March 13. Those who are interested in a particular seminar can register up to two days before it starts. The registration form is available here.