Date: April 18, 19 and 20, 2017
Time: Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm to 9pm; Thursday from 5am to 7pm
Teaching hours: 10 hours
Teacher: Bárbara Ruiz Bejarano,
Researcher at the University of Alicante (Spain) in UNESCO-UA Chair Islam, Culture and Society. Honorary Professor of the Department of Arab and Islamic Studies.
Topics: Visibility and expansion of Muslim communities, their use of public space; The construction of Islamophobia and the legal framework to fight it.


Visibility of the expansion of Muslim communities in Europe, mainly through the use of public space and other expressions.
Construction of the phenomenon of Islamophobia.
Legal framework to fight Islamophobia.

Seminar Description

This seminar aims to reflect the process of transformation of Europe through diverse models of social management such as: integration, assimilation and exclusion. Trying to make more visible the expansion of Muslim communities in the public sphere and the creation of the enemy as a parallel phenomenon.

It will also cover the issue of stigmatization and false accusations against Muslim communities and Islam, as an anti-democratic, misogynist, xenophobic, intolerant, radical and terrorist culture. It will then address the construction of Islamophobia, its origin and consequences, as well as the legal framework to fight against it, focusing on freedom of expression versus intolerant speeches.


To get to know the appropriate language to describe phenomena related to Islamic culture.
To understand the diverse manifestations of the Islamic culture in non-Islamic societies.
To determine and analyze stereotypes and their sources and consequences.
To learn to differentiate biased sources of information from those offering an objective view of Islamic culture.