The pack is intended to accompany the Show Racism the Red Card ‘Islamophobia’ DVD. It contains activities suitable for work with upper Key Stage 2 to adult. It is not intended to provide education about the Islamic faith, there are many existing resources for use in the RE curriculum which cover this. The activities have been designed to help young people to challenge stereotypes and prejudice towards Muslims and gain a greater historical and political awareness of the climate which has enabled Islamophobia to flourish in recent times.
The film is broken down into four sections and in this pack you will find key comments and relevant discussion points for each. Initiating a discussion with the class based around the proposed starting points may serve as a useful introduction to the suggested activity / activities which will follow in all five cases and can be tailored by teachers to suit the needs of their students. We have estimated how long each activity will last but this will obviously depend upon the capabilities of the students.
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