Lecturer was independent journalist Ante Pavić. He considers that independent media are essential for media activism, both for social issues and for minority issues. His Third sector media Forum.tm launched a crowdfunding campaign across the Indiegogo platform at the end of November after being left without systematic support from the Ministry of Culture. As behind the portal there is no powerful businessman or political party, but only journalists, they decided to help them with the ones they knew they could help – readers. The campaign was surprising even by Editors and Journalists of Forum.tm since they managed to reach the targeted $ 5,000 in just 24 hours.

The lecture will also talk about media policy and whether the media in Croatia – both commercial and non-profit – can survive without the coercive media policy and systematic institutional support of the state, ie whether Forum.tm’s success is a media solution in Croatia.

The presence of you, journalists, is of great importance to the project, but also to the wider public in order to familiarize you with such and similar initiatives and to make the common force aware of the media problems in the Republic of Croatia without whose independence there is no critical awareness Citizens towards decision-makers.