Lecture, book presentation and discussion
Book by Kilian kleinschmidt and Jenny Schuckardt.
Original Title: Beyond Survival – Flucht, Ankunft, Zukunft – Kinder erzählen ihre Geschichte
June 8, 2017, 19:00 to 21:00
at FH OÖ Campus Linz (University for Applied Science Upper Austria)

Quotation from the book:
A child feels a day as eternity. Losing the accustomed
world and security is the most terrible thing a child can
experience. Flight is a journey into the unknown. Children on the
Flight lose  their childhood and become adults. They can
no longer play and must learn how to laugh again.
Millions of people are taking flight  from poverty, crime,
war and climate change. Most of them are children! “

Kilian Kleinschmidt is an international networker and humanitarian expert. He worked over 25 years for the UNO refugee aid organization UNHCR. Known
head of the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, one of the largest camps in the world. Among other things, he advised the Austrian federal government on refugee issues.

Jenny Schuckardt is political scientist and award-winning author. For the book “Beyond Survival “she conducted the talks with the children, teenagers and parents and wrote down their stories.