Petit Philosophy Association organized in December 2016 a seminar on minorities and media in Dalj, Croatia, for members of the […]

Details on the implemented project: SISUMMA

After a year and a half of successful implementation, SISUMMA project has come to an end.  SISUMMA (Social Initiative of […]

Videos: Mediactivism in Petit Philosophy

Petit Philosophy (Mala Filozofija) created a series of videos in the framework of SISUMMA project, about mediactivism and minorities. You […]

Videos: Digital literacy workshops

Within the framework of the training workshops of SISUMMA “Digital literacy workshops” and practical workshops on “Audiovisual tools and video […]

SISUMMA WORKSHOP – creating audio-visual materials for promotion of Human Rights

On the 1st, 2tnd and 8th December 2017, the workshop “Creating audio-visual materials for promotion of Human Rights” took place […]

A mosaic of voices from 20 countries to support refugees

More than 80 people from 20 countries participate in the event of support for refugees that took place last Wednesday […]

Student videos on tolerance, diversity and acceptance of minorities in Mustvee School

on 20 December,  Mustvee School students from 1-9 classes introduced their work – short video clips – they were working […]

Muslims are… Challenging stereotypes and changing perceptions

In 2010, the size of the Muslim population in Europe was 44.1 million, which accounts for approximately 6% of Europe’s […]


This project was arranged to celebrate the International Day for Fight against Islamophobia and Religious Intolerance. The Association “Petit Philosophy” […]

FATAL ERROR – artistic installation by Aleš Vojtášek

Festival: Grape 11. -12.8.2017 at Piešťany airport  

An installation FATAL ERROR that linked events of the Second world war to […]