From an exhaustive definition of the focus topics and target groups fitted to project aims, SISUMMA will be addressed from a local to trans-European dimension aiming to contribute to a better multicultural coexistence, including minorities and vulnerable groups, fostering European citizens’ engagement and encouraging their knowledge, capabilities and active participation through 3 main lines:

1- Training and educational programs including the creation and dissemination of learning materials with events on the project topics: Human rights and diversity; Religious diversity and Islamophobia; Migration & Refugees; Inclusive societies. Europe, Citizenship & Participation

2- Capacity building of selected target groups in Media literacy and Media activism production & creation

2.1 Workshops Program on Critical Media Literacy and technical workshops in: Community Radio; Blogging for Roma communities; Video creation-edition; Photo-Artivism & filmmaking.

2.2 Edition, production and dissemination of media activism products (videos, podcasts, blogs, picture, exhibitions) to counter narratives against discrimination and providing useful  toolkits by treating different minorities and good practices, and highlighting the project specific aims.

3- Foster citizen debate and promote European networking  to construct a democratic Union incorporating its diversity and multicultural values.

3.1 Celebration of Debate cycles and Discussion Groups  in order to create a global concept of diverse European citizenship as a common ground to foster multicultural coexistence. Media analysis and audiovisuals will be used as supporting materials to introduce the different topics and partners will treat to integrate in the different groups not only minorities representatives but specific selected multipliers who will moderate and conduct the work and will guarantee an efficient project impact maximization.

3.2 The project foresees the creation of a European Net of Support to Minorities through Media Activism (ENSUMMA) including project partners together with associations, NGOs, institutions and individuals from different European countries that after an initial declaration will continuously work not only during the project implementation but on the mid and long term in order to become a European toolkit to contribute to the aims and goals of the project. All the outputs, materials and results will be made available through the project and net website and disseminated through different social media channels as well as local and international media.