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SISUMMA aims to foster young Europeans´engagement as active citizens in the defence of a democratic Union in which multicultural coexistnce constitutes its major asset.

Youths will be encouraged to reflect and debate on multicultural coexistence and respect towards other citizens, minorities and vulnerable groups as the major guarantee for the sustainability of the democratic project for which the Union stands.

Stigmatization discourse against immigrants, refugees and other minorities will be addressed.

Fostering volunteering and granting equal access so that different social groups will be able to express their diverse opinions thus fostering the goals of tolerance, respect and multicultural dialogue.

Media literacy workshops will enable citizens to evaluate critically media contents and empower them as independent media agents. Training participants to identify discriminatory speech against minorities and learning to create counter narratives in a workshop  on media activism.

A transnational network will be set up to foster cross-cultural debate on practical solutions against discrimination, improving conditions for dialogue and conferring a transnational multiplier effect to the actions developed throughout the projects.

Pursuant to the general objective of contributing to citizens’ participation in the EU policy-making process in the fields of diversity and multicultural coexistence within an inclusive Europe by stimulating the creation of practical solutions, the projects specific objectives are:


To sensitize youths on diversity and multicultural coexistence
fostering trans-national debate among European youths from different countries and minorities, generating mutual understanding and common strategies to fight discrimination.


To empower young Europeans to be active and critical citizens
through media literacy so that they become independent agents of communication that will denounce hate speech against minorities and vulnerable communities and create alternative narratives that stand for tolerance and cross-cultural dialogue.


To create a Trans-European Network
of youths and sociopolitical actors that stand for equal rights of minorities  such as immigrants and refugees, discussing and disseminating practical solutions that will ultimately provide a strong voice for the implementation of European and national policies to guarantee inclusive societies.