In this guide we will take a close look at the fundamental right of equality, the
exercise of that right by the Roma community and the responsibility that the media
have in this respect.
Specifically we will address the following questions: Is the Roma Community the
victim of discrimination? To what degree do the media contribute to the stereotyped
image of the Roma community? How can the media contribute to enhancing the image
of the Roma community? What are the best practices in this area? What is the situation
of the Roma community? What legislation protects the right to equality?
The material contained in this guide was compiled based on the analysis of real
news stories which appeared in the Spanish media. Aware that the Roma community
is not always treated fairly in the media in other countries either, we decided to translate
and publish this guide in English with the support of the Spanish Council for the
promotion of equal treatment and non-discrimination for reason of racial or ethnic
origin, in light of the special interest of media professionals at international level.
A practical guide for journalists – PDF